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To Build A Dungeon

We at PlacateTheCattin pride ourselves on being eco-conscious – always opting for reuse and recycling whenever possible. But faced with the bothersome task of working the new Templated Cave into our old dungeon generation algorithm we decided to junk all those hippy sentiments, recycle nothing and rebuild the entire dungeon generation method from scratch. Here’s how it all works now!

You start by making a graph of the interconnected Snakesperience:

Then the magic happens (*boing* – that’s how it sounds):

After that, we just imprint some Templates, do a flip or two and *glopp*, a dungeon appears:

Okay, I’m simplifying a bit for the lay-snake and maybe someday I’ll write another post about what it means, on a deeper level, to be a biconnected maximal planar graph in a 2D space.

Here’s the takeaway. We now have the framework for Meaningful Randomness – plus we can put a Template inside of another Template (that’s powerful magic). Using our new system, we can ensure that a level is never filled with Bollgrr Dens, or generate a level which consists solely of interconnected Bollgrr Dens.

So that’s how we’ve arrived here at the Beta.
And that’s how we’ve arrived here:

As you play through the Beta, or watch with curious admiration over someone’s shoulder, I hope this explanation gives a little more meaning to the droves of Quadskitters downed deftly as you slither down the winding paths that lead at once to glory and defeat.

Now that we’ve got the framework – it’s time for the content (I love content!). It’s time to fill these hallowed and hollow caves with Bosses, Monsters, Snakecessories, Shops, and of course, more majestic herds of Clugs.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and allowed us to continue working on this weird little creation. We can’t wait to share more with you as the Beta progresses 🙂

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