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The Sssecret Ssssosssciety of Wizards

Greetings Candidates!

For those of you who have attempted The Trial Of The Snake previously and are somehow not permanently dead, welcome back! We here at The Sssecret Ssssosssciety of Wizards have an exciting Update which may directly affect your chances of joining our ranks.

Though our society dates back several millennia, our Sssacred Handbook is constantly revised and updated to better cater to the secret society member of today. We’ve made several improvements to the Rite of Initiation, resulting in an experience which is at once both more inviting and more deadly.

The Cave

Gone are the days of a single path of descent into The Cave. Now you can additionally meet your end in any of our 3 Offshoots:

The Bipolair

The Bipolair is filled with colorful Light Emitters and even more colorful monsters. The duality of this stratum is perhaps best embodied in the Torore, whose personality changes from peaceful to enraged depending on the color of the light it’s in.

The Jungle

Bushes obscure your vision, while perilous Punglettes wait to inject you with their Poison. Welcome to The Jungle. How do you fit an entire jungle inside a cave? Easy! Open the stratum, take out the elephant, put in The Jungle, and close the door.

The Factory

Finally, The Factory features an eclectic cast of lectrik-based monsters, from the mostly harmless Slugomatik who leaves a trail of conductive wires in its wake, to the Lectraddikt who will do anything for a fix.

The Tutoracles

In order to better prepare you for the trials which await, we’ve hired a number of board-like-certified Tutoracles who can help explain some of the more advanced techniques of being Snakelike. You can find them in our newly renovated Starting Area, which features none of the modern conveniences of a 24-hour laundromat. It does however feature the minimum number of safety test areas, as required by unwritten law.

The Trial Of The Snake

There are a lot more surprises in store including an all new expanded Final Trial (provided you survive long enough to get there).

If you haven’t already, please join us on our Dissscord Sssserver. Your feedback contributes directly to the development of Snakelike, and we’ve got some fun ways to interact with us in the works 🙂

Good Luck Candidates!

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