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The Orbelisk

As the launch of our Kickstarter campaign draws nigh, we want to delve deeper into some of the specific additions we have planned. But first, let’s talk about fountains.

Ah, fountains. How many times have I stopped for a quaff only to end up surrounded by snakes? Water moccasins are one of the leading causes of death in Nethack (currently 7th on nethack.alt.org). But learn when and how to interact with a fountain, and when to completely avoid it, and you have another powerful tool at your disposal.

We’re striving to adapt classic roguelike elements, like the fountain, to create interactive dungeon features that make use of the unique mechanics of Snakelike. In that spirit, I present to you The Orbelisk.

The Orbelisk is a dungeon feature which may prompt several questions when encountered. Is it an orb? Is it an obelisk? No indeed, it is that singular edifice – The Orbelisk. But what are its qualities?

When you interact with an Orbelisk for the first time, a random effect will apply to the adjacent tiles in each of the cardinal directions. This could be a positive effect, like adding/leveling up armor on each adjacent segment, or a negative one, like… setting each segment on fire. Future interactions with that same Orbelisk will apply the same effect. So if you happen to find an armor-increasing Orbelisk, you could surround it and have several of your segments reap the benefits.

Each Orbelisk has a limited number of uses which varies from Orbelisk to Orbelisk and could be as low as a single use. This presents a choice to the player upon first encounter: play it (relatively) safe by hitting it with only your Head, or snuggle up to it and roll the dice. By figuring out the quirks of The Orbelisk we hope players will be able to use its eccentricities to their advantage and come up with creative uses, like luring a Bollgrr into charging a fire Orbelisk.


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