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Peaceful Areas (Towns Shops & Farms)

What is an adventure without the respite provided by peaceful areas, little intermissions from the epic of your quest? Stressful! They allow you to catch your breath, mourn your tragic mistakes, rejoice in your meager victories, nurse wounds and plan your next steps. What’s more, they have intrigues all their own. Let’s think about a few, shall we? Beginning with… shops!

Hey, a snake’s gotta buy stuff. But what can they pay with in a game that’s so simple there’s no money – and indeed no inventory screen? Pretty obvious – you pay with your segments. Your segments are your HP and also contribute to your Attack and Defense. Size does matter in this game. So you’ll be paying for those shiny items with your serpentine self. And better pay up otherwise the ShopSerpent may snap you in half as you leave to obtain payment!

Maybe you’ll be able to recover somewhat from that blow to your body image at the sight of a beautiful Apple Tree. So hardy they can even grow strong in tall in deep caves, these arboreal wonders inevitably have several ripe apples strewn around their vicinity. And give the trunk a knock or two with your Head because there might be a few more ready to drop…

And what adventure game would be complete without a farming area? Well… most of them really. But not this one! It’s true – the folks underground here have gone a bit mad. They love to farm those slimy bovines known as Clugs. Just what does this farm produce anyway? Maybe better not to ask.

We’ve got lots of ideas for these sorts of areas – we’re gonna give peace a chance! Then we can get back to the horror of snakey combat. Later!

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