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Allow me to introduce you to my dear friend, the GeebleFloomph. Well, alright technically these are two friends – the Geeble and the Floomph. But they come as a set.

Okay, so the Geeble is quick and lithe. Much faster than you. The Floomph is a slow and steady sort. But what they really enjoy doing is cutting things in half. They won’t attack you, but they will position themselves on either side of your segmented length – the Geeble zipping frenetically about, the Floomph meticulous and stoic. Once in position they will telegraph their excitement for three charged turns before Ker-POW a bolt of electricity arcs between them! It’s not a Snake-Friendly place to be.

‘Okay, that’s scary,’ I hear you saying, ‘but what if I manage to take one of them out? What happens then?’ Glad you asked, Strawman – I mean, dear Reader!

If you manage to take out the high-strung Geeble, you’re in the clear. The Floomph will simply become sad, peaceful, and even slower, when left alone.

But the Geeble is quite fast so you may well be inclined to take out the laconic Floomph to begin with. But beware – if you kill a Floomph with its Geeble still around, that Geeble will completely freak out on you. It will be fast and crazy nipping at your segments indiscriminately.

Are they comrades? Are they lovers? They prefer the term ‘Death Partners’. Beware my friends, beware the electric crackle of the GeebleFloomph!

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