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Full Steam Ahead

After lengthy discussion, we’ve decided to release Snakelike on Steam Early Access at the end of the month!

The game, as envisioned in our Kickstarter Campaign, is just a few segments from completion! The major features we had planned—and plenty of features we didn’t—are now in the game. We’ve got Puzzles, Bosses, Special Equipment, an entirely new dungeon generation system and more Bobs than we know what to do with.

Now what we need is feedback!

As the game has grown so much in scope, it’s become harder to chase down the bugs which come up through the earth and hide in the darkest corners of our procedurally generated caves.

This is a critical stage in the game’s development and an opportunity to really shape what the play experience is like. We are eternally grateful for all the support we’ve received so far – and we want to ensure that we’re making the very best version of the Snake-Roguelike Mashup Game that we all agree the world needs so badly.

So tell us what you hate, what you like, what you likelike.

We’ll be setting up a weekly stream which we’re calling Streamlike Challenge: dna vs kieth, so stay tuned for more on that. We’ve also set up a poll about controller support on our Discord Server, so come let us know what you think!


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