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Extreme Snakeover

We are happy to announce the latest update, codename Extreme Snakeover, is now available! We hit a few Pointos along the way, but we are thrilled with the results and can’t wait to share it with you.

The Look

Gone are the flat programmer-art graphics, replaced with dynamic art by Clemment Swennes.

The Snake is scalier, the ChimChomps hungrier and the Clugs slimier. The Oracle has grown hair not only on the top of his head, but on his face and underarm regions as well. The walls of the cave have been torn down and replaced with stratum-appropriate substances, from viney brick to oozy purple.

The UI has grown some scales as well to match the new feel. The gameplay is more or less the same, but the visuals are closer to what I had always imagined in my head.

The Sound

We’ve added some more music by Chris Baldys. Each stratum now has a unique music track to match its feel. The Bipolair features an ethereal soundscape which straddles between calming and unsettling, while the Factory track’s steady crunch reminds us that we are all diligent cogs in some greater machine.

Bipolair Intro Track

What Else

We’re excited to see what you all think about the new look and music. We also fit in a bunch of fixes, which you can find below. There’s a lot more planned on the way, which we will spell out for you soon!

    Other Fixes:

  • Top Scores now shows in the correct order
  • Top Scores shown limited to 40 instead of every single one ever
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when picking up three tongue enhancers
  • Fixed errant Fauxblot AI behavior
  • Shield Generator shows shieldedness betterer

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