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Digestion & Rollover Damage

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “Once upon a time, a few missed snakes ago… ” Sure, we didn’t get everything right the first time – but that doesn’t mean that we give up! And we have now made some major updates to two fundamental game mechanics – Digestion and Rollover Damage.


Far Side - Crib Snake

We used to have a primitive eating system in Snakelike. You reach an Apple and you instantly have an extra Tail Segment. But this is not the way snakes imbibe.

Now when a snake eats an apple it Digests it – it digests in every single segment, each one bulging with its bulk, until it reaches the tail. And – just as in nature – upon reaching the tail the full nutritional benefits are realized all at once! Whether it be Apple or Trapple.

As well as meticulously mimicking the natural world, digesting will give you time to think, to plan, to strategize your circuitous course through this mad snakey world. We’re excited to see how this impacts the game play.

I know, I know… it’s a major change to a core mechanic. It’s a lot to take in. But we don’t have time to digest it. We’re rolling on to…

Rollover Damage

Another key mechanics change is how Snakes are Damaged. As even an amateur zoologist knows, when a snake is bonked on the Head, the Damage it takes is on its Tailmost Segment. That is until it has no Tail left at which point the Head takes the Damage itself, and the end is likely near.

Previously, however, no matter how much Damage dealt to a Snake’s Head in a single blow, it could destroy a maximum of 1 Tail Segment. Now, if a Snake receives a mighty enough hit on the head, the Damage will destroy the Tailmost Segment and Rollover to the next Tailmost Segment and so on until it is exhausted. The effort of rolling over from one Segment to the next does reduce the wave of Damage somewhat – but still!

These are changes to some core mechanics and we really think they make Snakelike more Dangerous, more Delicious, and more Fun!
Snakers beware! We are rolling on toward the end!

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