Planned Features


If it’s not a boulder falling on your head, it’s a spray of some noxious gas. Traps are an integral element of dungeon construction. They provide a sense of uncertainty and danger: every step could be your last. They add a little extra suspense to each encounter and are yet […]

Planned Monsters


So, as always, the acid test for a new monster is whether or not it interfaces with this game’s unique systems. I wanted a spider enemy. I’ve been playing a lot of Spelunky (classic) and those abominable spiders who drop horrifically from the ceiling… they’re just repulsive in a wonderful […]

Planned Monsters


Allow me to introduce you to my dear friend, the GeebleFloomph. Well, alright technically these are two friends – the Geeble and the Floomph. But they come as a set. Okay, so the Geeble is quick and lithe. Much faster than you. The Floomph is a slow and steady sort. […]

Planned Features

The Orbelisk

As the launch of our Kickstarter campaign draws nigh, we want to delve deeper into some of the specific additions we have planned. But first, let’s talk about fountains. Ah, fountains. How many times have I stopped for a quaff only to end up surrounded by snakes? Water moccasins are […]

Planned Features

How to Snakecessorize

The addition of demi-bosses to defeat and puzzles to decipher presents a new question to the world of Snakelike. What do you get for overcoming such trials? As a snake, you have no experience bar, no stat points to distribute or skills to unlock. So what do you get? The […]

Planned Features

Peaceful Areas (Towns Shops & Farms)

What is an adventure without the respite provided by peaceful areas, little intermissions from the epic of your quest? Stressful! They allow you to catch your breath, mourn your tragic mistakes, rejoice in your meager victories, nurse wounds and plan your next steps. What’s more, they have intrigues all their […]

Planned Features

Demi Bosses

Let us talk briefly of Demi-Bosses. I’m not speaking of the Big Bad Boss who ends the game, but rather, those formidible adversaries that speckle your heroic serpentine quest. I would say a Demi-Boss fits these 3 criteria: Tough – Significantly Stronger Than Average Baddy Unique – Appears Only Once, […]

Planned Features


Roguelikes have a history of integrating puzzle-gaming mechanics and I don’t see why Snakelikes should be any different. The most obvious example of straight up puzzle integration is the Sokoban rooms from Nethack. I love the madness of being confronted with a puzzle right in the middle of an adventure […]

Planned Features


I just finished Derek Yu’s book on his creation of the game Spelunky (aptly entitled Spelunky). I was interested in the general process of the game’s creation but I was also keeping my eye out for something more specific. We want this game to have algorithmically generated level design – […]


Remaking a Monster

When we started designing our monsters, we aimed to create interesting, distinct creatures, each with some defining characteristic. The Bollgrr has large horns reminiscent of a bull; the Globberpoo has a trumpet-like snout it uses to shoot projectiles. We would generally start with a sketch, either in our minds or […]