Snake Peek

It’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to give you all a peek at what I’ve been working on. Kickstarter Rewards The postcards, posters and shirts have all been designed and printed. The wallpaper pack is complete and will soon be ready to adorn your desktop. […]

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Extreme Snakeover

We are happy to announce the latest update, codename Extreme Snakeover, is now available! We hit a few Pointos along the way, but we are thrilled with the results and can’t wait to share it with you. The Look Gone are the flat programmer-art graphics, replaced with dynamic art by […]

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Belated Early Access

It’s time for some belated Early Access. Hooray! On January 11 we will be releasing the Early Access version of Snakelike on Steam for all the world to slither! We’ve arrived at the point where the game is completely playable, sufficiently bug free (we think!) to be palatable, and we’re […]

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Full Steam Ahead

After lengthy discussion, we’ve decided to release Snakelike on Steam Early Access at the end of the month! The game, as envisioned in our Kickstarter Campaign, is just a few segments from completion! The major features we had planned—and plenty of features we didn’t—are now in the game. We’ve got […]

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The Sssecret Ssssosssciety of Wizards

Greetings Candidates! For those of you who have attempted The Trial Of The Snake previously and are somehow not permanently dead, welcome back! We here at The Sssecret Ssssosssciety of Wizards have an exciting Update which may directly affect your chances of joining our ranks. Though our society dates back […]

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Digestion & Rollover Damage

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “Once upon a time, a few missed snakes ago… ” Sure, we didn’t get everything right the first time – but that doesn’t mean that we give up! And we have now made some major updates to two fundamental game mechanics – Digestion […]

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Big Bobbular Update

Greetings my serpentine fellows – greetings from the dark abyss of the Cave (aka the Development Process). We emerge bleary-eyed and bereft of the better part of our wits to bring you a smallish onslaught of updates. Have you ever seen an Apple and you’re like, dude, I’m long enough […]

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Cavernous Content

This version of Snakelike, unlike its predecessor, features changes as splendiferous as they are tangible. You can find the version notes at the bottom if you’re curious. But here are a few of them: As prophesied there are some new inhabitants – flashes of Zippalopes whizzing by, Floomphs and Geebles […]

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To Build A Dungeon

We at PlacateTheCattin pride ourselves on being eco-conscious – always opting for reuse and recycling whenever possible. But faced with the bothersome task of working the new Templated Cave into our old dungeon generation algorithm we decided to junk all those hippy sentiments, recycle nothing and rebuild the entire dungeon […]


Father and Snake

Despite the simple controls and friendly colorful graphics, Snakelike adheres to the roguelike tradition of being somewhat obtuse. It’s not quite a standard roguelike, with its multi-segmented nature and pattern-based spell system. Nor is it a snake clone, featuring turn-based movement and an array of monsters to combat. So, in […]