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Demi Bosses

Let us talk briefly of Demi-Bosses. I’m not speaking of the Big Bad Boss who ends the game, but rather, those formidible adversaries that speckle your heroic serpentine quest. I would say a Demi-Boss fits these 3 criteria:

  • Tough – Significantly Stronger Than Average Baddy
  • Unique – Appears Only Once,
  • Not The Final Boss – Defeating It Does Not End The Game

Not every great game has them but let’s face it – games that do are usually the better for it. So, yeah, we’re gonna add them.

The Demi-Bosses we plan on adding to the game once our Kicks have been Started are not going to be gatekeepers who block your progress until defeated. They’ll be more in the spirit of Weapons from FF7 or Unique Demons from Nethack – that is to say, they’ll generally be optional challenges. Of course the levels are algorithmically generated, so you never know – it could get spawned right in front of the stairs…

Just as an example, take this Octopedal gentleman – The Octobo.

Currently, with our monsters, they have certain attack preferences. Some prefer to go for your Tail, some for your Head, some will bite anything that moves. With the Octobo each tentacle acts as a solo monster but with the central AI of the Head. Basically you can think of it as a pack of monsters that cooridinate movements. It may protect itself with 2 tentacles, attack Head-On with 5, and sneak around behind you with the final one. If you manage to destroy the Head you will slay the Octobo!

We’ve got lots of ideas – maybe you’ll meet one of these nightmares in a dark cave one day soon!

Until then.

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