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This version of Snakelike, unlike its predecessor, features changes as splendiferous as they are tangible. You can find the version notes at the bottom if you’re curious. But here are a few of them:

As prophesied there are some new inhabitants – flashes of Zippalopes whizzing by, Floomphs and Geebles in their deadly symbiotic cooperation, and gargantuan Bosses who jealously guard the cave’s most ancient Snakecessories.

Those tufts of mortal matter which have been imbued with the deep magics are not to be taken lightly. Their powers are terrible, from the Shield Generator, which can deflect the mightiest Bollgrr charge, to the Stethoscope, which lets you see a monster’s inner-most hit points.

Exploration has been augmented by the serpentine sense of Snekolocation. You can understand caverns as yet unexplored from the faint hissing echoes of your clever tongue.

There are also numerous QoS(Quality of Snakelife) upgrades to the overall game experience.

The HUD is more informative and less obtrusive. For those elephantine folks who fear the rodents, the Menus are now fully navigable with the keyboard. And, perhaps most importantly, your Snakelike Game is Saved if you exit before you’ve reached either your glory or your demise. Do not misunderstand me – the game still employs ‘perma-death’ as it’s called. But now you can exit the application and return, for those poor uncommitted souls who can’t finish an entire game in one coffeebreak.

Happy Slithering!

    Version 0.2.0 Notes

  • Bosses bossified
  • Snakecessories snakecessorized
  • Game can now be saved and loaded and even autosaved (but not autoloaded)!
  • New HUD featuring many QoS* changes
  • Menus are fully keyboardable
  • Snake can now use Snekolocation, as snakes are wont to do
  • Orbelisks have fancy new effects
  • Herds are a thing, or so I’ve heard
  • More monster behavior feedback
  • Geebles and Floomphs will now both fleeble and gloomph!
  • The Zippalope is a combination of a Zipper & a Cantaloupe, for those wondering
  • Strata shortened slightly, templates transmogrified tightly, dungeon diversified dwightly (thanks, Dwight!)

*Quality of Snakelife

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