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Big Bobbular Update

Greetings my serpentine fellows – greetings from the dark abyss of the Cave (aka the Development Process). We emerge bleary-eyed and bereft of the better part of our wits to bring you a smallish onslaught of updates.

Have you ever seen an Apple and you’re like, dude, I’m long enough right now, but I know I’m gonna want it later? Well step right up and let me introduce you to your brand new Satchel! Pass by an Apple while you’re donning it and *snatch*, the Satchel will store it for later. Stylish and convenient – apples on your schedule.

But it’s not all friendly fruit on this update. Allow me to caution you about the Apple’s wily cousin, the Trapple. They look applelike, even appetizing, but they cause all manner of unexpected effects – Lectrik Shocks, Frigid Freezes, and Deadly Poison are among them. You will still grow a Segment – but imbibe with care.

Have I mentioned Shops? We both know I haven’t.

There are Shops! You may purchase goodies and make your payment in the only currency of any value – your own Segments. Grisly, perhaps, but such is the way of cavernous capitalism.

There is a brand new effect in the world too – Lectricity [sic]. Touch a Lectrik device and the Lectricity will travel instantly through all adjacent conductive materials – it produces various effects in various folks. [Insert obligatory shocking pun here!]

There’s more that we’re forgetting… there are Spitters that spit Frost and Lectricity, new Spells, new Monsters, a new Boss and Popper Bob even brought his whole Bobbular Family out to play.

There’s also Stan. You’ll know him when you meet him.

What’s more, we’ve added two pleasant people to our development team to help with our final push. Chris, of Rabbits to Riches, is composing the musics – different scores for different strata. Clement is going to be fixing the art – by which I mean umm… replacing the art.

We’re really excited that they’re working on this and you should also check out their other stuff if you like things that are awesome.

Oh – for those of you with ears it’s only fair to mention that there’s sound in this version. It’s achieved by vibrating the air around your device, just so. There is background music and there are sound effects. If you prefer to slither in silence you may turn them down or off from the menu.

Now for a quick message to our Kickstarter backers. As we’ve just passed from May into June, we’ve decided to open up the beta to all our backers who pledged $10 and up. We’ll be sending out keys shortly to download the beta version off itch.io. We also implore you to join our Discord Server to report bugs, tell us what you like or dislike, or share stories about the trials of being humanlike. Thank you for your continued support!

We’re sliding onto the home stretch here folks. Soon things are gonna get pretty Snakelike

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