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Belated Early Access

It’s time for some belated Early Access. Hooray! On January 11 we will be releasing the Early Access version of Snakelike on Steam for all the world to slither!

We’ve arrived at the point where the game is completely playable, sufficiently bug free (we think!) to be palatable, and we’re ready for feedback from the wider community. Exciting you say? Stressful you say? Stop saying things that are true!

We want to thank our community of supporters who’ve played the many frustrating versions on the long winding road that led to this release. Lots of game-breaking crashes. Lots of lost save files. Many many Snakes were harmed in the making of this version. Thank you for enduring.

The label ‘Early Access‘ still very much applies to this version, even though it comes a bit later than planned. There may still be issues. There may be some hotfixes needed. The game balance may be imperfectly calibrated – some things way-easy, others so-hard! This release is only for OSx and Windows – the Linux version is not ready.

Our wondrous Kickstarterers will, of course, be given a key to get access for free, if they so wish. For those slightly later to the party, access will be granted for a fee of $9.99. If you’re a streamer or reviewer, feel free to reach out to us for a steam key.

We’ll be wiping the Top Snakes list prior to launch. The current top Snake is Hockey Snakes with an impressive score of 8225. Next up is Alex who managed to score 7138 points. Rounding out the top 3 is Snake and Bakes with a score of 6125. Your majestic Snakes shall live on forever in the hearts and minds of Oracle and Clug alike.

And so – onward we slither! We’ll see you on January 11 on Steam.

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